Every year millions of people and tourist visit to Asia for entertaining and trading purpose from European countries as well Asian people also change the flavor of life to visit different region of Asia. Many Asian countries are tourist’s hub, so there is an amazing and extraordinary choices of accommodation in sense of luxurious, entertainment and comfort. People from Western region love to spend their summers in Asian countries as they are lover of sunlight which is rare in European countries. When tourist come to these countries, many 5 star and luxury hotels welcome them. Highly luxurious environment along with some beachside view suits are major attractions at these hotels for tourists. Some hotels have many entertaining activities to engage and attract the visitors and attain the top position among hotels.

1- Four Seasons Hotel- Shanghai:


2- Ritz-Carlton – Hong Kong:


3- Burj Al Arab – Dubai:


4- Mandarin Oriental – Bangkok:


5- Shangri-La Resort and Spa Boracay – Philippines: