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Travel Mate has designed wide range of customized services & Hajj Packages 2024 to help Hajj Pilgrims make the most of their trips to the holy cities of Makkah and Medina and historic religious sites of the Islamic world through highly qualified and reputable agents of Hajj. This gives Travel Mate the edge of local representation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia making it the premium provider of Hajj packages.

We provide

Optimum Services

Fully dedicated religious term & dedicating time and resources to pilgrims today & tomorrow

Pre-Hajj Meetup

Meet & Assist

Buffet Meal

Airline Tickets & Deals

Visa Aquisition


Luxury Transportation

Local guide & Scholars

Makkah & Madina Ziyarat Guidance

Azizia Hotel Services & Facilities

Azizia Hotel Services & Facilities

Mina/Arafat Services & Facilities

Mina is a valley with limited spaces where people share living space with many others in the memory of PROPHET (P.B.U.H) from 8th zilhijj till 13th zilhijj.

The day of Arafat is an Islamic day that falls on the 9th day of shu al-hijjah of the lunar Islamic calendar and marks the second day of the hajj pilgrimage.

AC marquee
(gender segregated)

Full Board Buffet

24/7 Hot and Cold

Lecture Guidance by
Renowned Scholars

Comfortable Sofa beds, Blankets & Pillows

Carpeted Corridors

VIP private buses
seat by seat

Private Washrooms

How to obtain Hajj visa?

The Hajj pilgrimage requires acquiring Hajj travel visa and one has to provide the necessary documents as required by the ministry of religious affairs.You must submit your visa application in advance before you miss the slot.

 As every country is assigned a certain quota and accordingly pilgrims travel. Therefore it’s recommended to contact your trusted travel agent before you miss the date.

For the Hajj visa application you will need the following documents:

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