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travel tips for new travelers - travel mate

Travel Tips For New Travelers

Are you about to head off to your first tour adventure? Don’t Panic! Read our new traveler tips to enjoy a wonderful and worthwhile trip.
Baku travel packages - Travel Mate

Places To Visit In Azerbaijan

Are you planning a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan? Do plan it now! We assure you that trip to Baku Azerbaijan will turn out to be a wonderful and worthwhile trip for you. 
Best destinations in Asia For Winter Holidays

Best Destinations In Asia For Winter Holidays

Enjoy your holidays with lots more excitement with Travel Mate. We offer different travel packages from Karachi.

Must Visit Destinition before You Die

A list is having exquisite destinations, a must visit places before you die. Adventure is an exciting part of travel.
travel tips travelmate

Travel Tips

Before traveling you need to compose yourself for the thrilling experience. Travel mate has conducted in-depth research, from the analytical to the...
Bridges around the world travel mate

Amazing Bridges around the World

Travel is a soothing remedy for mind and soul. While planning your travel, you should explore the country, city, ancient arts and the famous places.
Amazing Hotels in Dubai Travel Mate

Amazing Hotels in Asia

People from Western region love to spend their summers in Asian countries as they are lover of sunlight which is rare in European countries.
Places to explore in China travel Mate

Places to Explore in China That are truly Amazing

China is considered as one of best tourist destination. Here are some amazing places to visit which will make you visit china and Explore more.
Beautiful Small Towns in Europe

Most Beautiful Small Towns in Europe

Europe is full places to visit whether you love historical places or new world architectures, Europe provides you with all sort of places to explore and enjoy your trip. When we talk of immense beauty of ...

Things to Know Before You Travel to Any Country

Whenever you plan a tour, As a tourist you must need an adequate amount of money with your all the time, so the best solution is carry your Visa.
Parks in Europe Travel Mate

Best National Parks To Visit In Europe

Trip to Europe always give an imagination of historic Cities, Monuments and Museums but Europe also have stunning National Parks.
Muslim Sites in the World Travel Mate

Famous Muslim Sites In The World – You Must Visit

Islam is Spiritual religion which is spread in World. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) himself traveled to several places along with His Companions.
Wonderful Valleys in World Travel Mate

5 Most Wonderful Valleys in the World

World is full of wonderful places to visit and explore but valleys have something mesmerizing about hem that attracts you towards them.
Beautiful Lakes of the World

Most Beautiful Lakes of the World

The nature has blessed us many gifts and beautiful places in shape of countryside, landscape, environment, wildlife, lakes, Explore now.
Places to Visit in Dubai

Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is the most dynamic and the most visited country of Asia also known as tourist’s “Disneyland”. Dubai is progressing in every walk of life.

Best Tourist Locations of Turkey

Turkey is a remarkable country has many historical locations to explore. Turkey has hosted variety of cultures and best country to visit.
Theatres around the world

Amazing Theaters Around The World

Majority of people are fond of movies, among them an adequate ratio of people wants to watch the movies in theaters. For those people...
Amazing Castles of the World

Amazing Castles of the World

Castles are the symbol of authority and power since they are build. All of us told many stories of castles and their occupants in our childhood.
10 Mountains for Climbing

Top 10 Mountains For Climbing

Mountain Climbing is the most adventurous activity of the world. This sport is known as mountaineering and Alpinism in some European languages.

Traveling Benefits

Advantages of traveling remain undefined as it’s a quest for meaningful experiences and exploring undiscovered places, amazing nature, dynamic cultures and languages and for all those food lovers who want to try and discover new cuisines.Travel is for fun, lessens stress and enhances personal development thus the skills and experience you gain from traveling abroad […]

Top Ten Airlines

According to Airline Ratings, airlines must achieve a seven star safety rating and demonstrate leadership in innovation for passenger comfort. Air New Zealand heads followed by Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Qantas Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, Lufthansa, All Nippon Airways and British Airways. Etihad Airways moved to second place from sixth while Qantas […]
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