Dubai is the most dynamic and the most visited country of Asia also known as tourist’s “Disneyland”. Dubai is progressing in every walk of life and considered as a developed country in the world. Since past few decades Dubai have become the most amazing and attractive destination for tourists. Amazing land of Dubai offers beautiful jumeirah beach, beach side dining experience and dancing water from huge fountain which shoots up water over 500ft are some of its worthy mentions. World’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, whose peaks talk to clouds is also in Dubai. Tourist especially visit Dubai for enjoying Arab culture like desert night and ride. Furthermore tourist can enjoy the luxury resorts for some relaxation as well as games at beach side. Dubai includes the exquisite underwater dinning, Tunnel aquarium and much more. We have list down the some places to visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa:

burj khalifaThis building holds the world record for “Tallest Building of the planet”. 2716 feet above from the ground, its peaks is surrounded by clouds. Visitors can reach that peak and experience the Dubai from the sky. This is also the tallest free-standing structure of the world.

Burj ul Arab:

Burj-Al-Arab-Dubai-18-HD-ImageThe D or curve shape building standing at the mid of Dubai is Burj ul Arab. With the title of World’s third tallest building and the only 7 star hotel of the world. It is situated at the heart of an Island, the hotel have its own bridge which connect the Burj ul Arab to main land. Tourist enjoy the underwater dining experience.

Jumeirah Beach:

Jumehra BeachIt is one of the most beautiful and entertaining beach of the world. This is on the top of must places to visit in Dubai. This beach is located near Burj ul Arab surrounded by luxurious resorts. Visitors can enjoy some outdoor water games. For children Jumeirah Beach host some playgrounds and children picnic areas. Safety arrangements are very good at this beach as lifeguards are always on duty here making this place best for family fun.

Dubai Mall:

dubai mallThis mall holds the title of “World’s largest Mall”. Dubai Mall is also the most visited shopping mall of the world. You can find all the brands across the globe under one roof at this place. This mall hosts the classic food court and the play land for children. Luxury movie theatre is also the glimpse of the Dubai Mall but the main attraction of this mall is the artificial “Water Fall”, presenting mesmerizing water fountain show, with lighting making its view of water fall more beautiful. Your list of entertaining places to visit in Dubai will not complete with out Dubai Mall.

Ski Dubai:

skiTemperature of Dubai is normally around 43 degree to 46 degree centigrade. But not to worry Dubai host an amazing icy experience for you. It is in the list of most adventurous places to visit in Dubai.  Enjoy the ski runs at ski Dubai along with chair lift, snow ball fight and snow board. Recently ski Dubai introduced penguin show which attracts the most visitors. At Ski Dubai, you feel yourself at the North Pole in hot temperature of Dubai.

Wild Wadi Waterpark:

Burj-Al-Arab-Dubai-18-HD-ImageFor water park lovers, “Wild Wadi Water Park” is the best place to enjoy. Wild Wadi has world’s second largest water slide. Wild Wadi s considered among the most mesmerizing places to visit in Dubai. This water park got many water pools, amazingly adventurous slides and shower pools. Another feature of Wild Wadi is that here you can enjoy hot and cold pools. Ride racing event is also a prime attraction for its visitors.

Desert Safari:

desert safariYour trip of Dubai is incomplete if you haven’t visit a Desert Safari. Amazing places to visit in Dubai, here you can enjoy the ride of safari with Hummer and traditional Camel riding. Travel Mate’s Dubai Tour packages give the opportunity to spent the time in Desert Safari. You can also experience the night stay in desert where you are provided with a camp and rich Arab meal. Traditional Arabic show is also the attraction of Desert Safari. At Desert Safari your every single penny will worth, giving you a trip of lifetime.

Dubai Fountain:

dubai fountainIt is the largest fountain system on the Planet. Dubai Fountain is installed in Burj Khalifa lake which is also manmade. This fountain can shoot water up to 902ft high. The view becomes more amazing at night when water dances in the 25 colors with LED light effect. The most attracting feature of Dubai fountain is that the water fountains are synced with LED lighting and music, making it a really great experience to see it live.Our Dubai Travel and Tour packages will accompany you through out the journey and will be helpful to explore the places to visit in Dubai. Let Travel Mate be your companion of Dubai tour and make your journey memorable. Check our Dubai Tour Packages to find the best one for you and your loved ones.