Turkey is a remarkable country filled with many historical locations to explore. Turkey has hosted vast variety cultures and this makes this country one of the best places to visit. For food lovers turkey really offers range of cuisines which are fusion central Asian, middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Turks are very socialize people and are extremely well informed about their cultural heritage giving you the opportunity to learn about places and locations. For first time visitors the biggest surprise is to witness the diversified landscape and cultural variety of turkey. In Istanbul, you can enjoy bazaars and night life while in western coasts you can enjoy horse-ridding and water sports and then there are eastern quarters where you can explore the great ancient constructions beaten by the rough-weather. These are some best tourist locations of Turkey which are must to be seen if you’re planning a trip.


istanbul Istanbul is the largest city in turkey stretched across a narrow strait connecting Asia and Europe together making it the city which is spread across two continents in the world. Istanbul is full of cultural heritage from various dynasties who came across this land. Istanbul was primarily a capital in time of Ottoman and Byzantine Empire therefore you can find many mosques and churches from those times. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern are some of the best places in Istanbul.


cappadocia Cappadocia is a semi-arid region filled with beautiful natural landscapes, shaped like cones and mushrooms made from volcanic eruptions throughout time. The most popular location here for exploration are homes carved out in mountains by cave dwellers of Bronze Age. You can also visit Zelve Open Air Museum, which is an empty cave town with churches dating back to the Christianity’s early ages. Exploring breath taking landscapes and horse riding through the mountain valleys is something that you should look forward to do in Cappadocia.


antalya Antalya is located at southern Mediterranean region, this city is a great resort destination with many restaurants, malls and hotels making this place a tourist haven. Antalya has a spectacular beach and mountains full of greenery surrounding the city with many ruins of ancient to explore as well. Whether it’s sightseeing, mountain climbing or water sports, Antalya has a whole package for family fun.


ephesus Ephesus is one the oldest city in world, dating back Ancient Greece to the time of Roman Empire. The archaeological remains at Ephesus are preserved as a cultural heritage of this region serving as a great tourist location for those who wants to explore ancient ruins. Library of Celsius is a one of the biggest attraction at this place, which was built in 117 AD to honor a roman senator. Another great location to visit is Temple of Artemis, also known as the Temple of Diana, which is one of the seven wonder of the ancient world.


marmaris Marmaris is a port town located on Mediterranean coast, it’s one of the most popular seaside resort in Turkey. With white sand beach and bluish waters, Marmaris is truly a great place to visit. Since it’s a tourist town you will find a lot of activities here including water sports, exquisite dining and rocking night life to enjoy.


bodrum Bodrum is located in South-Western Aegean Region. This city was once home to the mausoleum, also a wonder of the ancient world but now only ruins of the tomb remains. The greatest tourist sight in this city is Bodrum Castle, which was builty 1402 onwards by Knights of St John.