The nature has blessed us many gifts and beautiful places in shape of countryside, landscape, environment, wildlife, lakes etc. Especially the Lakes are the amazing wonder and splendor of nature. There are many artificial lakes which are made by man but the beauty of natural lakes are on its peak whenever you visited or roaming around the bank of lakes. The water of lakes is most pure other than any water. Following we mention some outstanding and beautiful lakes of the world whose beauty astonish you.

1. Lake Como (Italy):

lake comoLake Como is situated in Lombardy, Italy. The magical place where mountains are mostly capped with snow. You can take a ride of speedboat in this beautiful lake and visit the villages and villas of surroundings. It is the must see destination if you are the lover of nature’s beauty.

2. Lake Lucerne (Switzerland):

AKE LUCERNE (Switzerland This Lake is situated in Paradise of Earth at Switzerland. There are many lakes in Switzerland but the lake Lucerne is the best in Switzerland. The flow of water in this lake is amazing and water sound with windy weather refresh yourself and you imagine yourself out of this world.

3. Baikal Lake (Russia):

Baikal Lake Russia Baikal Lake is in Russia. This beautiful lake is considered as one of the oldest, largest and crystal clear freshwater lakes in the world. The crystalline blue water of this lake is amazing and increases its purity and beauty. The Lake is surrounded by snowy mountain peaks and beautiful forests.

4. Pink Lake (Australia):

Pink-Lake-Australia-5th-most-beautiful-lakeThis beautiful lake is in Australia. This amazing lake is not pink only by the name but reality is that the water of this lake is of pink color. Visitors highly admired this unique and amazing beauty of lake and this place is the spectacular scenery of Australia.

5. Plitvice Lakes (Croatia):

Plitvice-Lakes-National-Park-lead This lake is combination of human and nature constitution. Plitvice Lake is combination of many small lakes. Some water fall show from this lake increases the beauty of lake and because of geography and sunlight angel the water of this lake keep change its color which is an amazing scene for visitors.