Majority of people are fond of movies, among them an adequate ratio of people wants to watch the movies in theaters. For those people, here is the collection of some amazing cinemas of the World,  you must pay the visit to these amazing theaters once in life.

Pillow Cinema, London

pillow cinema londonUnique concept of watching movie is presented Pillow London cinema as seen in picture where you ll be provided blanket and with cozy mattress.

Le Grand Rex

Le Grand Rex Le Grand Rex is the largest cinema of Paris. Screening in French language cinema has antique fairy-tale theme along with some water work. Disney and Hollywood production movies are the prime of this cinema.

Riverbad Cinema

Riverbad CinemaThe Cinema in Prizen, Kosaovo. The unique experience of your life in open air screening under the sky where you can enjoy the mountain benching and river passing through your feet.

Floating Archipelago Cinema

Floating Archipelago CinemaThis Floating cinema is in Thailand. You can said this cinema is adventurous place. Once you reach the place you‘ll forget about movie and enjoy the nature s beauty.

Cineteca Matadero

Cineteca MataderoThis cinema is in Madrid- Spain with an oldest infrastructure. It is the first cinema of 20th century in spain.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Sci-Fi dine in theatre in Disney Hollywood studiosThis theater screens the classic movies of spain from 1950-1960, where you can enjoy the movie in car shape seats or booth in front of large screen.


TuschinskiTuschinski set to be a most beautiful cinema of the World. This amazing theater is in Amsterdam where viewer enjoy the movies along with the architecture and the design of the cinema.

St.George Open Air Cinema

St. George Open air CinemaYou can make your evening most romantic when you visit the St. George Open air Cinema because the setup of cinema is under the open sky with big screen at Sydney’s river bank.

Olympia Bruno Coquatrix

Olympia Music HallThe theater constructed in a style of sports stadium where seats are too much comfortable, perfectly made for couples. This amazing cinema is in Paris.

Cinegold Plex

Cinegold Plex CinemaMost luxurious cinema of Pakistan with unique architecture and amazing comforts in Bahria Town.