Trip to Europe always give an imagination of historic cities, famous monuments and museums but the truth is that Europe also have some stunning national parks which are best tourist destinations where you can enjoy the natural beauty with mesmerizing landscape and exotic animals. Following are some of the most wonderful parks in Europe that you must visit.

Gran Paradiso, Italy

edited-Gran Paradiso, Italy Gran Paradiso National Park is in the protected region of Alps. A stunning view of whole area from mountain peak is truly a good experience. You can also enjoy the mountain climbing and ski, as per weather condition. In this park you will be seeing many traditional stone-built houses in the valley of Orco, Cogne and Soana. Another beauty of this park is its natural lakes which are the perfect place to spend an evening. Camping facility is also available for visitor at lake side.

Triglav, Slovenia

A long way down below (Triglav Nat. Park, Slovenia) Triglav is the only national park of Slovenia whose beautiful alpine expanse is filling the north-western corner of the country. It is not difficult to find a snug place to stay in the Christmas cake-style wood houses in village nearby triglav. Though it’s easy to explore from the resort Bled, a lakeside town just outside the park’s border. Here you can go on bike riding, hiking, canoe trips or just paddle in the crystal clear water that replicates the peaks surrounding it. You can also experience the trails up to the peak of the steep forested hills that will surprise you with an incredible view of this national park.

Ordesa, Spain

Ordesa, Spain Ordesa is consider as the oldest park of Spain which is famous for its hiking. Many mountain climbers select to visit Ordesa national park to fulfil their adventurous desire. People mostly prefers to visit Ordesa from the last week of June till second week of July as it become one of the most spectacular place of Europe during that time.

Kalkalpen, Austria

edited- Kalkalpen, Austria Kalkalpen national park of Austria is joined to the forest. Combination of the park’s thick and dark trees, canyons, along with beautiful river side view and marvelous natural beauty with wild life and some amazing water falls makes this park ideal destination for tourists. You can also see wild life in the mid region of forest, under the supervision of park rangers.

Saxon, Switzerland & Germany

saxon-switzerland-national Saxon Park is considered as the paradise for rock climbers as there are approx. 700 summits or peaks which welcome the mountaineers. Some mountains stands on the sandstone above the river. This park is now extend to the Czech Republic and in this park there is a natural sandstone arch which is said to be largest sandstone arch of Europe.