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Iran has 500 years history and very rich culture. It is one the safest countries among the world regarding crimes and terrorism. Irani Mountains welcome you for skiing and hiking and the sight of cities are very beautiful. Ancient Persepolis is the place where the ruins of Persian Empire are well preserved, which are must […]

Dubai is the most dynamic and most visited country of Asia also known as tourist’s “Disneyland”. It is the business and tourist’s hub and the people from across the World travel to Dubai for their enjoyment and business resolutions. One thing is sure that 10 to 15 days are not enough to complete the Dubai […]

Travel Mate now offers a unique site for all our travelers; Western Australia, which is one of the most beautiful & diverse state in the world. Western Australia is never short of unique & extraordinary holiday experiences, like watching sunset, camel riding etc. Western Australia can be considered as Australia’s final frontier.  It is one […]

Tourist’s Paradise on Earth, Queensland is the best place to visit in summers where you can enjoy the driving adventures in famous amusement parks, some fabulous beaches are here as well where you can spend the whole day. Precious wildlife and Rainforest tours are the places where your dream vacation comes true. Daintree is one […]

Melbourne city is the heart of Australia and the most visited city by tourists from all around the world. The most popular beach of Melbourne is St. Kilda beach, where you can find traditional shopping and dining experience. For those people who are fond of greenery, Royal Botanic Gardens welcomes you with the sight of […]

Sydney is one of the most liveable & beautiful City in the world. Sydney is the capital state of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia & Oceania. Travel Mate sets its sail to Sydney which is one of the largest natural harbors in the world and sprawls towards the Blue Mountains […]

Country Visa Status Additional Information Burundi Visa on Arrival Burundi Visa for Pakistanis can be obtained on arrival at Bujumbura Airport for a maximum stay of one month if holding documents for their destination and onward tickets with confirmed seats. Applicable fee is US$ 40 for a stay of up to 72 hours or US$ […]

Maldives is the land of white sand beaches with deep blue sea inhabiting thousands of various species of sea life and mesmerizing turquoise reefs which really add into the beauty and vibrant surroundings of this place providing a great place for vacations with your significant others and loved ones. Travel Mate is offering best deals on Maldives tour […]

One of the most beautiful and attractive country of Asia where one can want to spend his vacation is Malaysia. It is a unique country that is divided into two main landmasses which occupies the southern half of a peninsula, and another part situated on the Borneo island. This beautiful geographical location has many beautiful […]

Singapore is one of the most beautiful island of Asia where your dream vacations come true. With the flavor of China town and little bit mixture of Indian culture, making Singapore the best choice for tourist destination. Some very special and very unique places for tourist are here in Singapore which are famous for their […]

Home to historic architecture and vast culture India is the amazing place to spend the vacations. Many of Indian architecture, including the Taj Mahal and other works of Mughal architecture which attracts tourist from all around the world and they love to travel India. Travel Mate have excellent packages for you to visit these places. Agra […]

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