Explore Western Australia with Travel Mate

Travel Mate now offers a unique site for all our travelers; Western Australia, which is one of the most beautiful & diverse state in the world. Western Australia is never short of unique & extraordinary holiday experiences, like watching sunset, camel riding etc. Western Australia can be considered as Australia’s final frontier.  It is one of the most beautiful state which attracts visitors from all over the world. There’s stunning gorgeous and flaming red sunsets on beaches like Ningaloo coast, cable beach, Geographe Bay., Green’s pool etc. It offers some impressive parks lush green forests with teeming of life like Cape le Grand National park, Torndirupp National Park, Araleun Botanic Park, John forest National Park, West cape Howe Park and caves like Ngilgi cave and sites like Roebuck Bay, His majesty Theatre. Murchison River, pink lake are amazingly beautiful nature leaves endless memories for all the people visiting. Western Australia is occupying the entire third western of Australia. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north & west. Perth being the capital is one the biggest in Australia which also attracts visitors by its own beauty. It is most isolated capital city of Australia in the World.  So embrace yourself with trip to Western Australia magical destinations today with Travel Mate.